Hiring a Realtor is the Best Decision You'll Make

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Real Estate

Over the years realtors have gotten a bad reputation. We’re pictured as loud, arrogant, and greedy. Many have tried to buy or sell their home by themselves, but often become stuck. The price of a real estate agent seems too pricey, but for these homeowners, not using one may cost them more. Don’t end up stuck in a rut or losing your dream house. Here are the reasons why using a (good) realtor is the smartest decision you will make for buying (or selling!) a house.

1) Expansive network – Realtors are chatters. They love to talk about houses with anyone who will engage. Get two realtors together and they could go for hours. This is extremely beneficial to you, as our topic of conversation always revolves around our listings. Even in mail, listings are sent out and received throughout the day. We are able to coordinate showings and work with the buyer’s agent so all you have to do is focus on cleaning the house and packing. Similarly, if you are looking to buy, realtors will ask other agents in their office, and search immensely through their networks to find your next home. They then prepare a showing time for you along with all the needed paperwork, and all that’s needed from you is to show up. There’s enough stress with buying or selling your house, let an agent take care of the nitty gritty.

2) Market Expertise – Our job is to look at trends in the housing market and accurately price your home in hopes that you will get timely offer(s). No one wants their house on the market for too long, it shows that there may be something wrong with home. But often houses stay because they are over-priced and the sellers are not willing to negotiate. The price of a house depends on many factors, so you cannot simply price your home the same as your neighbors, because all houses are different, and the markets change rapidly. You can always call me if you would like an estimate if you are thinking of selling!

3) Successful Negotiation – We have been taught the best ways to represent our clients. Whether this means defending our pricing on a house, re-writing a contract so our buyer gets all their wants and needs, or simply speaking to the agent on the other side of the transaction, to make sure there is transparency throughout the entire transaction. We are like bulldogs, we protect our client in every circumstance, from start to finish.

4) Experienced Marketers – From listing photos to home staging, and press articles, agents know how to show your home in the best way possible. We often have professional photographers take the listing photos, which is critical when 90% of buyers see a property first online. If the pictures are not high quality, or the house is dirty, buyers can easily remove your house from their list without ever seeing it in person. The next part of the marketing is the write-up. Realtors know the buzz words that will grab the attention of buyers and buyer’s agents. Most realtors will also have access to a number of real estate sites such as Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com. With these professional photos and detailed descriptions, your home is likely to appeal to a wide range of potential buyers.

5) We handle the paperwork – Whether you are a buyer or seller, there will be loads of paperwork. There are signatures required from both parties, and mass amounts of financial contracts that must be read. We work with these every day, and are more than able to explain all the contract terms so you are aware of what you are agreeing to. No one enjoys paperwork, so let us do the work for you!